What is matsuri?”外国人にも分かる日本の祭り”


Dobro Jutro ~~~.
The new era has begun.Then Japan celebrate this now.

What is matsuri?祭りって何?

Although modern Japanese are not typically considered religious,they do take part in many customs that have religious roots.Or from a slightly diffrent point of view,many of the customs and traditions observed in Japan have been drawn from a combination of religions. And in the making of such rituals, festivals called matsuri are held throughout the year.

One of these festivals is called tanabata 七夕,which takes place on July 7th and stems from a legend of the Zodiac.According to the legend,there once lived in heaven a couple that loved each other dearly.They lived together until one day they were separated by the river of stars kwown to us as the MILKY WAY.Every year,on July 7th,these two lovers can briefly reunites,but only  if the weather is good that day.For tanabata,people set up stalks of bamboo and tie small of pieces of paper on the bamboo branches.




On each pieces of paper there is a prayer for the lover to one day reunite for all of eternity.


TANZAKU(短冊)People write down dream in paper

This festival is said to have originated in China and then changed with time,influenced by Japanese mythology and Buddhism.

Another popular festival came out of the Shinto religion.In autumn. many villages celebrate the celebrate the harvest and thanks various gods.People gather at Shinto shrines and take part in a traditional dance known as kagura 神楽 and parade down the streets,some carrying mikoshi 神輿,a portable shrine on which a god is believed riding.Many other types of these Shinto festivals take place from tiny villages to the big cities all across the country and in every season.

Below is tokyo baypeople hope the rich recource from sea

In the summer , it is easy to come across a matsuri,particularly during the time of obon.In Nagasaki , for instance,people release handmade boats with lanterns onto the river.This is to say farewell to the souls of the dead who have passed away recently.
If you visit Kyoto on May 15th,you will encounter the traditional festival AOI Matsuri葵祭り
This festival celebrates the Shinto shrines named Kamigamo上賀茂.and Shimogamo Jinja 下賀茂.

AOI FESTIVAL in KYOTO hold in May(Very nice season)



In summer ,another Shinto festival known as

Gion Matsuri 祇園祭 in kyoto July

is held in July.The attraction of this festival,which take place on July 17th,is a parade in which you can see an extravagantly decorated mikoshi called yamaboko.山鉾


Matsuri represent the religious roots of Japan, tracing back to ancient times and even prehistoric days. If you are planning a trip to Japan,be sure to check out what festivals will be held during your visit as joining such a celebration is certainly a memorable experience for yours.