How important is rice to the JAPANESE 日本人とご飯

Japanese rice

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How important is rice to the JAPANESE

For the Japanese,rice is a very important staple food.
Rice is eaten with most meals in a small bowl that is placed next to the other dishes.
Rice in its grain form is called gohan ご飯。Gohan is also the word for “meal”simply because rice has nearly always been a part of Japanese meals.

Japanese rice
above is GOHAN (ご飯)

Archeologists tell us that rice was introduced to Japan several thousands of years ago,and since its introduction the Japanese have been eating it.The type of rice grown in Japan is called ”Japonica”,which is a sticky short-grain type that usually boiled or steamed using a pot designed for cooking it.Now,electronic devices called suihanki are used for making rice and can be found in nearly every Japanese home.

rice steam machine
suihanki (炊飯器)

In feudal times,Shoguns and lords often paid samurai fot their services with rice.It could then be converted into money or traded for other goods.Because of its important and monetary value,rice played quit a significant role in relation to the economy of those times.

Japanese Samurai
Japanese Samurai(侍)

Japanese SAMURAI boss
Shougun(将軍) = Samurai Boss(like president)

Rice Paddies (SUIDEN 水田)can be seen thoughout Japan,which certainly is one of the defining characteristic of rural areas in the country.And because rice have been important,people still pray to thanks their gods for this food when the rice-planting season begins in or around early June and after the harvest ends in October. At these times large festivals are held around the country.



These days,bread is also widely eaten in Japan.Rice however,is still the major staple used for making Japanese food.And something that is never done is eating bread along with other Japanese dishes.