13 recommended shrines that benefit lotteries in JAPAN

13 recommended shrines that benefit lotteries! Pray for winning at the gold luck power spot nationwide!

Does anyone want to win the lottery once? In fact, many lottery winners have prayed to win at the shrines that benefit the lottery. Here, we will introduce 13 recommended shrines that will benefit the lottery called “Kinkyoku Power Spot” all over Japan!

table of contents

  1. Introducing 13 recommended shrines that will benefit lottery at once!
  2. About the history of lotteries
  3. Lottery method 1: Opening lottery
  4. Lottery method 2: Sealed lottery
  5. Lottery method 3: Number selection type lottery
  6. Once the lottery is winning
  7. Shinto Shrine that Benefits Lottery 1: Shinyayama Shrine
  8. Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery: Omae Ebisu Shrine
  9. Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery 3: Minanaka Inari Shrine
  10. 10 Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery: Sumiyoshi Taisha
  11. 11 Shrines that benefit the lottery 5: Houto Shrine
  12. 12 Shinto Shrine that Benefits Lottery 6: Kinmo Shrine
  13. 13 Shinto Shrine that Benefits Lottery 7: Hirayama Hiei Shrine
  14. 14 Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery: Daiho Hachimangu Shrine
  15. 15 Shinto Shrine that Benefits Lottery 9: Fukutoku Shrine
  16. 16 Shrines that benefit from lotteries: Koami Shrine
  17. 17 Shinto shrines that benefit the lottery ticket 11: Senrai Bentai Tenuga Fuku Shrine
  18. 18 Shrines that benefit from lottery tickets: Kasai Shrine
  19. 19 Shinto Shrine that Benefits Lottery 13: Mikin Shrine
  20. 20 trying to pray the shrine of divine favor in lottery dreamed of get rich quick!

Introducing 13 recommended shrines that will benefit the lottery!

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

There are probably a lot of people who want to win a lottery by winning a “lottery ticket”. In fact, many “Lottery” winners are praying at a shrine that is famous as a money luck power spot. There are many shrines all over Japan that benefit from lottery tickets, so here are 13 recommended shrines at a time!

About the history of lottery


 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

It is said that the history of things called “Kuji” dates back to the Roman era about 2000 years ago.

The history of Japan’s “Lottery” is the first time between 1st and 7th of the New Year at “Minosan-an-ji Temple” in the present Osaka Prefecture around 1624 in the early Edo period. It is said that the people who came to, put their name on the wooden bill and put them in the Karabitu, and on the 7th the temple monk threw the Karabitsu three times with Kiri and chose three winners It is broken.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

At that time, Tomie of “Minoyama Ryoanji” gave a lucky charm to the winner, but it gradually became linked to money for the purpose of collecting repair costs for temples and shrines. The rich lottery, which is the beginning of the current “lottery”, has spread to the towns of the Edo period.

“Fukutoji” was later renamed “Fukukatsu” in 1944, and was renamed “Katsufuda” during World War II in 1945. After the end of World War II, the law on winning money was enacted, and the current “lottery” system started. Since there are three types of “lottery” methods, I will introduce them.


Lottery method 1: Opening lottery

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

First of all, the lottery system introduced first is “opening lottery”. The “lottery ticket” and “jumbo lottery” in general are “opening lottery”, and “summer jumbo lottery” and “year-end jumbo lottery” are also “opening lottery”. National lotteries are sold nationwide, and block lotteries are sold for each local block.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

In the “Opening lottery”, which was launched in 1945, a ticket printed with a number divided into groups and numbers was purchased for a fixed amount of 100 yen to 500 yen per piece, and then the lottery number was announced by lottery number announcement You can receive a winning amount from 100 yen to a maximum of several hundred million yen.

You can buy from one piece, but the chances of winning a lot will increase. There are also ways to purchase 10 pieces per set, or to purchase consecutive numbers to aim for the award. There is also a method of purchasing the numbers separately.

Lottery method 2: Sealed lottery

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

The following is a ticket called “ sealed lottery ” where the part printed with hits and misses is hidden with a silver cover, using coins etc. to see whether it is a hit or miss . This “sealed lottery” is sold as “scratch” at the lottery counter, and it is a popular lottery because you can see the result immediately after purchase.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

“Scratch”, which was released in 1984, was once called “Instant Lottery”. “Scratch” is usually 200 yen per sheet, but depending on the type, there are 100 yen and 300 yen per sheet. The winning amount varies depending on the type of “scratch”, but the market price is around 50,000 to 50 million yen.

Lottery method 3: Number selection type lottery

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Lastly, we will introduce “Number Select Lottery”. Lot, Numbers and Bingo are “Number Select Lottery”. Buyers can choose their favorite number and the lottery date is determined by the day of the week. If it matches the number announced on the lottery date, you will not win. This lottery is sold out and can be purchased at the lottery counter, but it can also be purchased from the Internet.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

There are lotto 6, lotto 7 and mini loto in “Lotto”, and the number of numbers that can be selected changes. “Numbers” has Numbers 3 and Numbers 4, and the number of numbers that can be selected is the same as “Lot”. Bingo 5 bingo 5 is also popular because you can challenge while having fun.

One number-selection lottery is 200 yen per sheet, and if you win the match with the lottery number, you can receive a maximum of 1 billion yen.

If you don’t win the lottery

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

If you win a lottery, the location and method of receiving will vary depending on the amount. In the case of 10,000 yen or less, the lottery counter and Mizuho Bank’s main branch will be picked up. In the case of 50,000 yen or less, the lottery counter with the “50,000 yen mark” and Mizuho Bank’s main branch will be picked up. Mizuho Bank’s main branch will be picked up for 100,000 yen or more.

If you don’t win more than 10,000 yen, you need to fill in your address, name and phone number. In addition, if you don’t win 100,000 yen or more, you will also need identification information and a seal for your address, name and phone number. If you don’t win more than 1 million yen, there will be a procedure, so it will take several days to receive.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Also, if you win over 10 million yen, you can get a phantom booklet at Mizuho Bank that reads “From that day, so as not to be confused by sudden happiness”.

Taxes such as income tax and resident tax are not applied to “lottery tickets”. However, if you win a lottery, you may want to share your money with your parents or family members. In this case, there is a gift tax that occurs when you give money to someone. Be aware that the higher the amount you give, the higher the gift tax.

Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery 1: Shinyayama Shrine

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Shinyayama Shrine (Ayayama Shrine), which enshrines the main festival deity, Oyama Matsumi Mikoto, the Amaterasu Okami and Konohana Sakuyabime, as the festival deity Along with Kinkengu and Awa Shrine, it is famous as one of the “Japan’s Three Great Money Shrines”. Among them, “Shinyayama Shrine” is said to be the No.1 Kinun Shrine in Japan.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

The main shrine of Shinyayama Shrine, located in the Shinya district of Yoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture, is located near the Kitaguchi Sengen Shrine at the foot of Mt. Fuji. In fact, this “Shinyayama Shrine” is one of the best money in Japan, including the Kanto region, because Mr. Yukio Funai, former chairman of Funai Research Institute, said, “If you don’t want to worry about money, go to this shrine that sits on Mt. Fuji.” It became popular as a luck power spot.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

However, in fact, this shrine, which is one of the nation’s best luck power spots, is not the “main shrine” of “Shinyayama Shrine”, but “Shinyayama Shrine” that sits on the second stage of Mt. “Okumiya”. Many people from all over Japan come to visit the “Okumiya” of “Shinyayama Shrine” because they can get the benefits of lottery and prosperous business along with the benefits of money fortune.

The way to “Okumiya” of “Shinyayama Shrine” that sits on Mt. Fuji, the sacred mountain, is also famous for being hard to understand. However, if you tell us that you are going to “Okumiya” at “Hongu” at “Shiyayama Shrine”, you can get a very easy-to-understand map.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

When you get to “Okumiya” of “Shinyayama Shrine”, first visit the red torii shrine. And to the right of it is a circular stone that surrounds a stone fence called “Stone Circle”. It is said that a wish will come true if you go around this stone circle three times clockwise and visit the stone fence. Finally, I will visit a small company on the left side of Torii.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Please note that “Omiya” in “Shinyayama Shrine” is closed and closed during the winter due to snow. If it is closed, it will not be opened until Golden Week in May, so if you are worshiped, please visit between May and November. Please note that the following information is for “Hongu” of “Shiyayama Shrine”.

Street address1230 Shinya, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture
phone number0555-24-0932

A shrine that benefits the lottery 2: Omae Ebisu Shrine

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Ebisu Shrine, famous for having the largest statue of Ebisu in Japan with a total height of 20 meters, is always called “God of Fortune”, giving people happiness with a full smile. Ebisu is enshrined as a festival god. Ebisu’s father is a great lord of Japan who is famous for creating a country in Japanese mythology.

In addition, Omae Ebisu Shrine, located in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture in the Kanto region, is famous for its benefits such as money luck invitation, prosperous business, healthy longevity, and disaster prevention. It has become a popular shrine revered at.

At Omae Ebisu Shrine, located in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture in the Kanto region, many people come to dream of winning a lottery ticket because there are lots of winners of the lottery. In the precincts of “Omae Ebisu Shrine”, there are many thank-you emblems for those who won the lottery.

“Omae Ebisu Shrine” has a place called “Ogami Water, Tsuru no Izumi, Water Collection Center” where you can enjoy the benefits of prospering money and prospering business. It is said that you can get “Ebisu-like sacred water” at the “Okamimizu, Tsuru no Izumi, Omizutake” and clean it up in places you care about, such as the entrance and kitchen.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

In addition, there is “Fukusen Sensui” at the “Ogane Ebisu Shrine” in the “Omae Ebisu Shrine”, where you can see the sacred water of Ebisu. It is recommended that you can get the benefits of improving your fortune by pursuing lottery tickets, money, and important treasures at this “Five Fukusensui”.

“Omae Ebisu Shrine” also has a “Golden Unlucky Bell”, and if you win important things such as lottery tickets and money, you will be able to get the benefits of money fortune and business prosperity. For this reason, “Omae Ebisu Shrine” has become a popular power spot in the Kanto region.

Street address943 Togo, Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture
phone number0285-84-2200

Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery 3: Minanaka Inari Shrine

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Located at a convenient location in the Kanto region, a one-minute walk from JR Shin-Okubo Station in Tokyo, the “Kainui-nari Shrine” is located at the “Kanainari Inari Shrine” Namino-Okami, Suwa-Okami, and Japanese military life are enshrined as ritual gods, and can benefit from good luck, prosperous business, lottery tickets, winning competitions, and passing various tests.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Once upon a time in the Edo period, there was a person called a gun group who was practicing every day to improve shooting, but he was worried because he did not improve well. One day, the Inari no Ogami of “Nakanaka Inari Shrine” is standing at the bedside and telling us to go to our company where the gun assembly was sleeping at night. The power of the gun group went to the “Minnaka Inari Shrine” the next morning with no doubt.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

As for the gun group power, after worshiping at “Minanaka Inari Shrine” and shooting at Oyaba, I was surprised not only by myself but everyone around me. Tokugawa Shogunate’s “Gungun 100th Squadron” who was watching this also worshiped at “Minanaka Inari Shrine” and when shooting at Oyaba, it is said that everyone was in the middle of a hundred. .

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Because of this legend and the fact that the name of the shrine’s “Kaichu” can be read as “Atsuaru”, it is now called the “Minatoru” shrine, and lottery tickets and concert tickets are available. It became a popular shrine as a popular shrine. As evidence, many emas at Minnanaka Inari Shrine have written and thankful for winning the lottery.

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

At Minanaka Inari Shrine, which is popular in the Kanto region, lottery and coin purses with a bow and arrow design on a golden fabric that seems to be filled with the benefits of money fortune are popular. In addition, the red stamp book of Minnanaka Inari Shrine is a golden cloth with a bow and arrow design. The Ema of “Minanaka Inari Shrine” is also popular with many worshipers because of its arrow design.

Street address1-11-16 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
phone number03-3361-4398

Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery: Sumiyoshi Taisha

 benefit lotteries in JAPAN

Sumiyoshi Taisha, which is known as “Sumiyo-san” and is located in the beloved Osaka city, is famous for its many benefits such as money fortune up and prosperous business. It is popular as a powerful power spot within the shrine. Many people who dream of winning lotteries come to “Sumiyoshi Taisha”, the headquarters of over 2300 “Sumiyoshi Shrine”.

 benefit shrine in JAPAN

Iizumi Nagimei (Izanagi Mikoto) is chasing up to the country of Hyosen to bring back his wife, Iizumi Namimei, who died from the fire god. I will be drowned. And Iki Namimei couldn’t bring back his deceased wife, Ii Namami.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Iki Nakimei who has returned from the country of Housui makes a miso (harassage) in order to drop the drowning that has been received in the country of Housui, but during this time the bottom cylinder male life / middle cylinder from the sea Three gods of male life and front tube male life will appear. In the festival deity of “Sumiyoshi Taisha”, these three pillar gods and the empress Jin Gong of Zhensai are enshrined as “Sumiyoshi Daijin”.

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benefit shrine in JAPAN

Famous as a powerful power spot in the Kansai region, “Sumiyoshi Taisha” has many benefits such as maritime operation, home safety, fundraising, child treasure products, business development, performing arts beauty, women’s protection, satisfaction of collecting money, fulfillment of aspirations, etc. It has become a popular shrine.

Within the precincts of “Sumiyoshi Taisha”, there are various powers such as “The Five Great Stones”, which have the benefits of physical strength, wisdom, financial power, welfare, and longevity, and “Omagaru Stone” where you can tell whether your wishes will come true. A spot exists.

Street address9-89 Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
phone number06-6672-0753

Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery: Hoto Shrine

benefit shrine in JAPAN

“Hoto Shrine” is a shrine that sits on “Takashima” in Karatsu Bay, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. It is said that Nozaki Okimori Tsunayoshi Mitsuyoshi was a hero who had ridiculed the pirates who once strategized “Takashima” and protected the island and brought peace.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Later, in 1586, Nozaki Okimori Tsunayoshi Mitsuyoshi passed away in Takashima. In 1768, he took his name, built Tsunayoshi Shrine, and beat Nozaki Okimori Tsunayoshi Yoshimei. In the Meiji Era, “Takashima” succeeded in the salt industry, but the people of Takashima admired that this was also the benefit of Nozaki Okimori Tsunayoshi, and the name of the shrine was “Treasure of Toshima” Was renamed.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Around 1990, a lot of people who won the lottery from the worshipers who visited Hoho Shrine began to appear. As a result, the rumors of winning a lottery prayer at Hoho Shrine spread, and now it is a popular shrine where more than 200,000 people visit every year to earn the lottery benefits.

In “Treasure Shrine”, you can get profits such as lottery ticket winning, Takamasa Kaiun, prosperous business, family safety, child treasure prayer, exorcism, trouble payment, bidding successful bid, heart fulfillment, business trip prayer, etc.

On the walls of the shrine of “Treasure Shrine”, thanks to lottery winners of people who won 100 million yen or 400 million yen, copies of lottery tickets, etc. It has become.

Street address523 Takashima, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
phone number0955-74-3715

Shinto shrine that benefits from the lottery 6: Kinmo Shrine

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Land management, luck, and country of Amano Tokatsuson (Ameto Toko no Mikoto), Yatsuka Mizutsutsu Tsutomu (Yatsukamizu Oomizu Minato) “Kamochijinja”, which enshrines the three pillars of the structure as a god of gods, is a rare shrine in Japan that is enshrined as a god of wealth in Hino-gun, Tottori Prefecture, and enshrined as a god of heaven.

Tenno Tokunachison is a god that appears in the mythology of Tenchi Creation and Tenchi Kaizen in Japanese mythology. When the world was divided into heaven and earth, Tenno Tochinachi became a deity of heaven, Tategami became a deity of the earth.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

“ Konmo Shrine ”, which seems to be beneficial to lottery winnings and money luck by name, is attached as a talisman, where the second son of the Izumo priest walked around this place to visit “ Ise Shrine ” in 810. Jinzen’s Netsuke cobblestone suddenly became heavier. It is said that the second son of Izumo’s priest was sleeping at night, and God told him to come out in a dream and build a palace.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

The land called “Konmochi” in Hino-gun, Tottori Prefecture, where “Konmo Shrine” is enshrined, was once the origin of “Tamako”, and there were abundant valleys where much of the raw material, Masago iron, can be taken. At that time, iron was called money, and it is said that this land has come to be called “rich” in the sense of a town with many valleys where gold can be collected.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

It is said that rich people in Hino-gun, Tottori Prefecture, where “Konmo Shrine” stands, is the root of “Konmochi”, which is said to be the most economical last name in Japan. “Konmo Shrine” is beneficial for money and fortune, and many worshipers visit the lottery dreams.

The benefits of “Konmo Shrine” are the most popular shrines, as you can see from the many joyful voices in the votive books on the votive books of the Kumage Shrine and the votive books of the “Konmo Shrine”.

Street address74 Hinocho Hino-cho, Hino-gun, Tottori Prefecture
phone number0859-72-0481
benefit shrine in JAPAN

Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery 7: Hirayama Hiei Shrine

benefit shrine in JAPAN

The Hakusan Hiei Shrine, the headquarters of Hakusan Shrine, which is said to have more than 2000, is the Hirayama Hime no Okami, Kikuri Hime no Otomi, and Izanagi Nozomi This is a prestigious shrine that enshrines the three pillar gods of Izanson.

According to “Nippon Shoki”, Izuson died of a fire god and departed to the country of Hyosen. I will follow you. However, as Izu Nunson ran away after seeing her changed figure, Izun was very angry and chased him to the exit of the country of Hyosen, Yotsura Hirasaka.

Isunonson closes the exit of the country of Yellow Spring with a large rock, but the chasing Izunson gets more angry and confronts Izunonson to get the rock. Hirayama Hiei Okami, also known as Kikuri Ryoson, is a goddess who appeared and arbitrated in front of the two who were in conflict.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Hakusan Hiei Shrine, located alongside Mt.Fuji and Tateyama, is famous as one of Japan’s three sacred mountains, and is said to be the largest power spot in Hokuriku. Yukio Funai Because he introduced us as a gold fortune shrine, it became famous as a recommended shrine where you can benefit from the improvement of money fortune and the winning of lotteries.

“Hakusan Hiei Shrine” is a rich harvest, great fishing satisfaction, good luck, family safety, good marriage, traffic safety, prosperity of business, academic achievement, physical health, marital harmony, longevity of Fukutoku, Nagahisa Family Uncle, prosperity of descendants, gods It has become a popular shrine and is recommended for many benefits such as Japanese music.

Street address105-1 Sannomiyacho, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture
phone number076-272-0680

Shrine 8 that benefits the lottery: Daiho Hachimangu

benefit shrine in JAPAN

The oldest Hachiman Shrine in Kanto, Daiho Hachimangu Shrine, is said to have begun in 701 by Tokada Fujiwara’s “Usa Shrine” in Chikushi. “Takara Hachimangu Shrine” has been frequently introduced as a recommended shrine in the media with the interest of money luck and lottery winning, and the name “Daiho” has also become famous as a shrine where you can pray for lottery winning.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Although gold has been a precious item that represents the prestige of kings and nobility, gold has never been issued on the Japanese archipelago. Meanwhile, in 701 C.E., money was raised in Tsushima and presented to the Imperial Court. The Imperial Court, who was delighted with this, made this year the first year of the year. And in the same year, “Daiho Hachimangu” was built, but the name “Daiho” is said to refer to the original name “Gold”.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

“Daiho Hachimangu Shrine” includes the 15th Emperor Ojin Betsumei Honda, the 14th Emperor Chuai Emperor Ashiko Hachiman, Emperor Jingu, who was the empress of the emperor Nakai, is enshrined with the life of the long-legged Princess Hime.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Kanto’s oldest Hachimangu Shrine “ Daiho Hachimangu Shrine ” has benefits such as lottery prayer, family safety, traffic safety, prosperous business, company takamasa, victory prayer, exorcism and exorbitant, sickness healing, good prayer, safe delivery prayer, fulfillment of heart application I can

In addition, the homepage of Kanto’s oldest Hachimangu Shrine “Daiho Hachimangu Shrine” shows the past winning results of those who received lottery prayers at “Daiho Hachimangu Shrine”. You can see that many people who dream come to visit and become a popular shrine.

Street address667 Daiho, Shimotsuma, Ibaraki
phone number0296-44-3756

Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery 9: Fukutoku Shrine

benefit shrine in JAPAN

In the past, “Fukutoku Shrine” was enshrined in Fukutoku Village, a village in Musashino. The name of this shrine named “Fukutoku” is derived from the place name. By saying that Fukutoku is a truly prominent god, “Fukutoku Shrine” has long been deeply revered by warlords such as the Genji and Ikuyasu Tokugawa. The current “Fukutoku Shrine” is located in Nihonbashi, the center of Tokyo in the Kanto region, and is also called “Mebuki Shrine”.

“Fukutoku Shrine” is enshrined as the main festival god, Kuramai Tamami, the god of the cereals of the cereals. The five gods of the name of Namuchi no Mikoto), Shonahiko Nominato (Sukuna Hikonami Nozomu), the lord of the event (Kotoshiro no Mikoto) and Mihotsu Himetsu (Mihotsuhime no Mikoto) It has been beaten.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

In addition, the three gods of Ota Michikaku, Benzaiten, and Toshodai Ieyasu, who are Toshogawa Gongen, will be enshrined before and after the Edo period. It was. In addition, “Fukutoku Shrine” was once a shrine where “Fukutoji” was sold by the Shogunate.

Such “Fukutoku Shrine” has lots of benefits such as lottery winning, business prosperity, safe delivery, avoidance, family safety, Hatsumiya Satoshi, good luck, fulfillment of heart wishes, Shichigosan, passing, good relationship, traffic safety, winning victory, etc. It is a recommended shrine in Kanto.

Street address2-4-14 Muromachi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
phone number03-3276-3550

Shinto shrine that benefits lottery tickets: Koami Shrine

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Just like Fukutoku Shrine, Koami Shrine, located in Nihonbashi, the center of Tokyo in the Kanto region, is a popular shrine that has the benefit of good luck exortion that is introduced many times on TV, etc. It is also famous as one of the “Nihonbashi Shichifukugami Tour” where the sword is sung.

In addition to the benefits of exorcism for good luck, “Koami Shrine”, which is also recommended for good luck in prayers, money fortunes, and prosperous business, The three gods are enshrined as festival gods, the god of water and the god of treasure, the city of Himenoichi Himejima, and the longevity of the Seven Lucky Gods.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

There is a reason why “Koami Shrine” is the recommended shrine for the benefit of good luck. It is said that during the Second World War, all soldiers who received the guardianship of “Koami Shrine” before returning to the battlefield returned safely. It is said that the Koami Shrine’s shrine and all its buildings escaped the war in the Second World War.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

The “Kamiami Shrine” is enshrined with the Hikari Shrine, Shibushima, which is the Benzaiten. However, when the “Manpukuju-ji”, which had been enshrined in the precincts of the Meiji era, was separated, It was moved to “Shrine”. This Benzaiten is called the “Manpuku Boat Rent Benten Tenten”, and the “Manpuku Boat Rent Benten Tensai” festival is held every October.

In addition, there is a “Cenarai Well” called “Tokyo Senrai Benten” within the precincts of “Koami Shrine”, and many worshipers visit to gain money and benefit from winning lotteries. There is a small colander in the recommended power spot “Kenrai-no-I” in Kanto.

Street address16-23 Nihonbashi Koamicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
phone number03-3668-1080

Shinto Shrine that Benefits Lottery 11: Zeniarai Bentai Tenuga Fuku Shrine

benefit shrine in JAPAN

In the Kanto region of Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, “ Zeniarai Benten Tenuga Fuku Shrine ” is one of the five waters of Kamakura, “ Zeniaraisui ” springs out from the cave and Okumiya in the precincts, It is popular as a recommended spot that will benefit from lottery winning and gambling luck. Ugajin, the Benzaiten, is enshrined in the cave, Okumiya, where the spirit water “Zeniaraisui” springs.

It is said that the “Kenraisui” water from Okumiya of “Kenraiben Tenten Fuku Shrine” is said to increase when money is washed. When you want to bring in your fortune, you need to be careful when you wash your money and then you can’t use it. Also, it is okay to cover the banknotes with vinyl etc. and wash them so that the edges of the banknotes get wet.

The timing to use the washed money seems to be good for a lottery such as a lottery. By the way, in the main shrine of “Kenraiben Benten Tenuga Fuku Shrine”, which is famous as the Kanto region’s money luck power spot, Ichikishima Hime Mikoto is enshrined as a sacred god.

Street address2-25-16 Sasuke, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
phone number0467-25-1081
Zeniarai Benten Tenuga Fuku Shrine is one of the most popular spots in Kamakura. It is said that if you wash your money here, your luck will improve …

Shinto shrine that benefits the lottery: Kasai Shrine

benefit shrine in JAPAN

“Kasai Shrine” is located in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, in the Kanto region. The swords and god of war are Tsushinson, Tsuyoshi Nihon, and Tosho. The three pillar gods of Gongen and Tokugawa Ieyasu are enshrined. “Kasai Shrine” is also listed in “Tokyo’s Strongest Profit Shrine 270” and has become a popular shrine in the Kanto region.

Of the three pillar gods of Kasai Shrine, Kyotsu is the benefit of fulfilling various applications, winning each game, martial arts, retreating the evil spirit, and self-study. Ieyasu Tokugawa is said to be able to gain the benefits of standing up, organization control and business success.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

In the precincts of “Kasai Shrine”, which has gained a lot of faith as a shrine that provides benefits that can overcome difficulties, it is often introduced by the media as a recommended “Kanto fortune up spot” There is also Bentensha.

“Kenmachi Benten Shrine” of “Kasai Shrine” is enshrined with “Bensaiten”, which is famous as a god governing performing arts, tongue, academics, advancement and treasure. “Kanamachi Bentensha” is a recommended fortune-up spot in Kanto where you can get money and improve your lottery.

Street address6-10-5 Toganecho, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
phone number03-3607-4560

A shrine that benefits the lottery 13: Mikane Shrine

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Conveniently located in the center of Kyoto, “Okin Shrine” is a popular power spot that reads “Okane” and reads “Mikane”, and is one of the most profitable benefits of Kyoto. “ Okin Shrine ” where you can visit 24 hours a day is a big gold torii, a yellow lucky wallet that invites fortune, a golden ema with a ginkgo shape and red gold letters written on it, all fortune up I promise.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

“Okino Shrine,” which enshrines Kanayama Hikogami as the main festival deity, is a popular recommended spot where you can benefit from the improvement of money fortune because Kanayama Kokojin is related to all metals. It was. As a result, many worshipers from all over Japan will visit the “Okino Shrine” to benefit from the improvement of money luck and winning lotteries.

benefit shrine in JAPAN

The prayered profit goods “Fuku Purse” that can be received at “Okin Shrine” is a golden fabric that seems to be effective for raising money luck, and it seems that there are days when it can be sold. It is said that the “fortune wallet” is pleased with winning if you put a lottery ticket or increasing it if you put money.

The “fortune wallet” is not a place where Omikuji and Amulet are awarded, but a person in charge is called on the intercom at the entrance of the office. In addition, since the expiration date for “fortune purse” is generally one year, you should get a new “fortune purse” every year.

In addition, there is a colander in the Mizujinja Shrine, where you can wash and purify your money like a money wash bento. After purifying the money, put it in the profit goods “fortune wallet” and get the benefit of raising your fortune.

Street address618 Oshisaidoinmachi, Oikegami, Nishitoin-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
phone number075-222-2062

Visit the shrine that has a profit for the lottery with a dream of the first prize!

benefit shrine in JAPAN

Here, we have introduced the history and types of lotteries and the 13 recommended shrines that will benefit you. In addition to the above, there are many shrines that benefit from lotteries throughout Japan. I also learned that many lottery winners visited the shrine before purchasing. Why don’t you visit a shrine that benefits from a lottery dreaming of a lottery with a lottery ticket?