Are ramen & curry Japanese food?外国人に説明したいラーメンとカレーライス

instant ramen

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Japanese cultural food?


Ramen ラーメン is a type of noodle with soup,


and curry riceカレーライス is a dish of rice covered with curry sauce.


They are two of the most popular kinds of fast food in Japan,although both of them are originally from other countries.


Ramen originally came from China and curry from India

but over the last 100 years,these dishes have been changed to suit Japanese tastes.


Let’s start with ramen.

As of 2016 ,there were more than 43000 ramen shops operating across Japan.This is similar in scope to the number of convinience stores found across the country.And this noodle shops are so popular that around noon you can see people lined up in front of the top ones.

These are numerous type of ramen,and many would say that no two bowls of ramen can ever taste same. The most popular type is shoyu ramen 醤油ラーメン、or ramen with a soy taste.

ramen with soysoup

If you ‘re in Kyushu,(red enclosed area)


however, most of the noodle shops you’ll come across serve tonkotsu ramen 豚骨ラーメン or pork soup ramen,


In HOKKAIDO,(red enclosed area)


miso ramen

miso ramen, or ramen with fermented soybean paste taste is the favorite.

People also sometimes eat instant ramen at home, which is made by mixing boiled water with dried noodle.

miso ramen

instant ramen

more conivient one is CUP RAMEN カップラーメン、there are so many cup ramen in Japanese grocery store & covinience store.

cup ramen

The cup ramen museum is in SHIN YOKOHAMA

Please see here ↓very interesting for foreign people.

Curry rice is a dish that is usually prepared at home.

These days,curry appears to be growing in popularity as franchised curry shops are popping up all over the place along with indian restaurants.
The most common curry in Japan is beef curryビーフカレー、which you can even find in some Japanese coffee shops.beef curry

Pork and chicken are also popular curry types as well.In Hokkaido there are soup curry,too.

soup curry

soup curry


Ramen and curry rice are in some ways like hiragana and katakana.Originally, they were brought from other countries,but once the Japanese adopted them,they were changed to suit their needs.Now both dishes have in away recieved their chtizenship.