Why are ONSEN so popular among the Japanese?何故、温泉は日本人に人気

hot spring

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I’m RAKITTIC Jaoanese somerier
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Why are onsen so popular among the Japanese ?

Since Japan is made up of volcanic islands, hot springs,called onsen 温泉 in Japanese,are treasured for quite a few reasons.For health,the minerals of onsen are known for healing qualities.What’s more,onsen are often found away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in remote mountainside areas where people can rejuvenate by taking pleasure in nature and out door activities.As One can imagine,onsen are incredibly popular destination for Japanese travelers.

hot springs in japan

Staying at a ryokan 旅館, a traditinal Japanese inn ,is what people often do when they wan to take their time enjoying hot springs,as such bathing van usually be done in the ryokan itself.At these establishments,traditional Japanese cuisine is served in a relaxed atmosphere. To add to this peaceful feeling, guests visit the onsen before dinner.
They may even go again before sleep or early in the morning before breakfast.

ryokan in Yamagata prefecture.


ryokan @ Enoshima in Kanagawa prefecture room and “sashimi”

ryokan enoshima

Jaoanese inn

Japanese sashimi

Some ryokan offer special services for customers who plan to stay for long periods as long as weeks or months for restoring health or ridding themselves of illness. This holistic method od healing is called touji 湯治


Onsen played another important role among the Japanese.

Since the old days,they have been places where people get together for the sake of socializing.Back when private residences didn’t have baths of their own, people would go to public bathing facilities in their neighborhoods.
These places are called seto 銭湯 and where people can exchange gossip or enjoy casual conversation among friends and neighbors.


How many ONSEN exists in Japan ??

There 50000 onsens in Japan. The Nagano prefecture (1998 winter olympic have been held in here) has Onsen most in Japan.

nagano prefecture

Next is NIIGATA prefecture near former one.
Japanese is famous for ONSEN LOVER, The 85% of Japanese go to ONSEN at least one time in a year.
The 10 % go to 10 times once a year.

The below red enclosed is Niigata prefecture.There are famous Japanese Alps & enjoy skiing in a winter, too.

niigata prefecture