What is traditional Japanese clothing? KIMONO,YUKATA,FURISODE


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What is traditional Japanese clothing ?


The Japanese have a well-known traditional type of clothing called kinomo 着物.

「和服 江戸時代」の画像検索結果

3位:一条美賀子(徳川慶喜 正室)の写真(ガチで美人過ぎる幕末女性ランキング)

This kind of clothing is sometimes referred to as wafuku 和服 when it is important to distinguish Japanese clothing from clothes in other parts of the world,which is called yofuku 洋服. KIMONO are expensive , particularly the ones with colorful designs and high-quality dyed cloth. The textile work involved in making kinomo requires skilled artisanship, passed down from generations. One such technique for dyeing cloth is called

yuzen 友禅 「友禅染」の画像検索結果

which is done in specialized shops in KYOTO and KANAZAWA. This involves yearlong processe in the designing and dyeing of the fabric.

When wearing a kimono the obi 帯 

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is quite challenging to do on one’s own and the wearer of the kimono will usually need help in doing it properly. Another interesting fact about kimono is that girls before they are married wear furisode 振袖、a type of kimono with long sleeves and a lot of color.

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The styles of this type of kimono with have likely been used to make girls attaractive to boys and possible suitors. Once a woman marries, she wears a tomesode a short-sleeved kimon with less color. The custom of wearing different types of kimono with before and after marriage began in the EDO era.




「和服 江戸時代」の画像検索結果

Now, tomesode are considered formal wear for women and are no longer worn on a day to day basis.

Women these days in Japan prefer wearing fashions that are popular in the Europe, North America and other parts of the world, with the exception of some whose occupations involve Japanese culture, such as those who teach about flower arrangement and the tea ceremony.

However you can still see people in Japan wearing kimono during New Year holidays and on other significant occasions such as Kan-Kon-So-Sai and at graduation ceremonies.

Some may think that the KIMONO is a type of night robe,but this is not true. Nevertheless, many souvenir shops in the Japan sell fake kimono as night robes to foreign visitors. Interestingly, if you were to mention this fact to a Japanese person,they may feel disappointed, as many see the kimono to be a cultural form of art that should be treated respectfully.

On summer evening, the Japanese wear a special kind of cotton kimono known as yukata浴衣




The yukata is in fact a night robe, but it can also be worn when strolling in public places. There days it is common to see people of all generations,men and women alike , wearing yukata in summer , especially when they are watching fireworks or attending festivals. You will also be lent be a yukata to wear at a wear at a ryokan 旅館 after bathing in an Onsen 温泉 However wearing a yukata in the lobby of an international hotel in Japan is frowned upon as it is considered an informal type of clothing




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