Sightseeing Spots in KAMAKURA & ENOSHIMA 外国人にも説明したい江の島、鎌倉基礎観光スポット

enoshima sea candle

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Sightseeing Spots in Kamakura & Enoshima

The advantage is next to TOKYO.We can go to the KANAGAWA to 5 minutes to 1 hour from Tokyo.
Especially,In ENOSHIMA(FUJISAWA CITY) the Yacht race will hold in TOKYO2020 Olympic & very nice area to enjoy sightseeing near TOKYO area in point of cost,trafic arrangement & convinience. So, let’s check out the famous spot !
Temples & Shrines with beautiful flowers are located near the spectacular beach area.




Tsurugaoka Hachimangu 鶴が丘八幡宮


One of the historic site that represent Kamakura.The vermillion lacquer,the green of the hills,and the blue sky by the shrine pavillion are a beautiful sight seen from Wakamiya-oji Street,which stretches all the way to the ocean.

  • O-ichou Ema \1000
  • Great-Ginkgo Votive Tablets,this ema is in the shape of leaves of the Great Ginkgo,which unfortunatelly was toppled in a windstorm in 2010.This Ema shows two different aspects of the Great-Ginkgo one is with fresh green leaves in the early summer,and the other is with yellow leaves in autumn.

TEL:0467-22-0315/2-1-13 Yuknoshita,Kamakura City/10 min walk from JR KAMAKURA sta./Open 6:00-20:30 7days a week
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Hasedera Temple 長谷寺


According to legend, in 721 AD the pious monk Tokudo Shoin discovered a large camphor tree in the mountain forests near the village of Hase  in the Nara region.He realized the trunk of the tree was large enough to provide sufficient materials for carving two status  of the eleven-headed Kannon.

The status  he commissioned to be carved from the lower part of the truck was enshrined in Hasedera Temple  near Nara,the statue from the upper half(actually the larger of the two)was thrown into  the sea with a prayer that it would reappear to save the people Fifteen years later,in 736 on the night of june 18, it washed ashore at Nagai Beach on the Miura Peninsula not far from Kamakura sending out rays of light as it did.The statue was then brought to Kamakura and a temple was constructed to honor it.Since time immemorial, Hasedera Temple has been known s the 4th station among 33th holy place in the KANTO area.

TEL:0467-22-6300 3-11-2 HASE,KAMAKURA CITY/5 min.walk from Hase Station of Enoshima Electric Railway (ENODEN) Open 8:00-17:00[March-Septemer],8:00-16:30 [October-February] 7days a week
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The below is famous ENODEN

enoshima electric railway

Kotoku-in Temple 鎌倉大仏殿高徳院

Here we can enjoy Great Buddha”Daibutsu”


The status commonly known as Kamakura daibutsu,colorssal copper image of Amida-butsu is the principle image of KOTOKU-in.The fact that it sits in the open air makes it unusual amongst large Buddha status in Japan.The Great Buddha,designated as a National treasure by the Japanese Govenment, is about 11.3 meters tall weighs are 121 tons.

TEL:0467-22-0703/4-2-28 Hase,Kamakura City/7 :min walk from Hase Sta.of Enoshima Electric Railway (ENODEN)/Open :8:00-17:30[April-September],8:00-17:00[October-March]”Visitor may enter up to 15 minutes before temple closes. 7days a week/ Admission fee:\200[For adults],\150[For elementary school students][English website]



This ZEN Buddihist temple is the head temple of the Kencho sect of the  Rinzai School.It was founded in 1253 by Tokiyori Hojo The temple is dediated to the bodhisattva JIZO.The ground  ads designated as a national historic site under the Name Kenchoji Keidai.With Cherry blossoms ,hydrangea,autumn leaves and so on.The natural color  of each season here are charming, In addition it is connected to the Tenen hiking course from the priests temple quarters in the inner part of the site.

TEL:0467-22-0981/8 Yamanouchi,Kamakura city/ 15min walk from JR Kitakamakura sta./Open:8:30-16:30,7days a week /Packing space avaiable

Zeniarai Benzaiten 銭洗弁財天

Zeniarai Benten Shrine is a popular shrine in KAMAKURA,which people visit to wash  their money (ZENIARAI means wash the coins) It is said that money washed in the shrine’s springs,doubles.Minamoto Yoritomo.The founder of the Kamakura Shougnate govenment in 1192,ordered the shrines construction after a god appeared in his dream and recommended him to build the shrine in order to bring peace to the country.Because the dream occurred on the day of snake, in the month of the snake of the year of the snake,the shrine was later aldo dedicated ti Benten,a Buddist goddedd associated with snakes.


TEL:0467-25-1081/2-25-16 sasuke Kamakura-city / 25min walk from Kamakura sta.Recommed to use Taxi as one idea./Open:8:00-16:30,7days a week/Parking space available



Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden and Observation  Lighthouse ‘Enoshima Sea Candle’ 江の島サムエルコッキング苑、江の島シーキャンドル

Since the English trader Samuel Cocking built this botanical garden in the Meiji Period(1868-1911),the garden has kept his name.This  white observation  tower “Enoshima sea Candle” was reovated in April 2003 after half a century, and has become  a new landmark. You can see MT.FUJI and YOKOHAMA Landmark Tower from the tower.

enoshima sea candle

samuel cocking

enoshima sea candle

TEL:0466-23-2444/20min walk from Odakyu Dentetsu Katese-Enoshima Sta./9:00-20:00[admission until 19:30],7days a week/

[Samuel cocking Garden]Admission Fees:\200[For adults],\100[For elementary school students]/

[observation Lighthouse]Admission Fees:\500[For adults/Including Samuel Cocking garden’s Fee],\250[For elementary  school students /including Samuel Cocking Garden’s fee]


Enoshima Jinja Shrine is one of the Japan’s three great Benzaiten shrines.Enoshima Jinja Shrine consists of three small shrines,each dedicated to a diffrent  Shinto godness.It gives various blessings including  attainment in art, wealth & prosperity and good maririage-tie,and popular with many pilgrims

enoshima shrine

enoshima shrine

TEL:0466-22-4020/2-3-8 Enoshima,Fujisawa City/ 20min walk from Odakyu Dentesu Katase-Enoshima sta./Admission Fees(\200 for Hoanden of Hetsunomiya)


Two tourists and easily walkable caves can be found in the cliffs along Enoshima’s southen coast. The first cave contains some Buddhist statues, while the second cave is dedicated to the legendary  dragon that used to terrorize the area.The cave was formed by the continuous movement of the waves.If the features mysterious sound effects and lighting.


TEL:0466-22-4141[FUJISAWA CITY Tourist Center] 30min walk from Odakyu Dentetsu Katase-Enoshima sta/Open 9:00-17:00[Feb-Apr&Oct],9:00-18:00[May to Sep],9:00-16:00[Nov-Jan]* May vary by weather & events./7days a week/ admission fee:\500[For adults],\200[For junior highschool students and elemetary school students]



These are Just most famous one we ‘ll update more info.
To travel more fun the below ENODEN is essential, you must be try !