How has Japanese become the language it is today? 日本人と日本語


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How has Japanese become the language it is today?

Nobody knows precisely where the Japanese language came from.
koreans and some northern peoples of the Asian continent speak
sililar language,but in any case ,Japanese has been isolated tongue on the islands for two millennia
Although Japanese is a completely different language from Chinese characters called Kanji 漢字 used in the writing system of Japanese today.Around the 10th and 11th centuries,the Japanese created katakanaカタカナ and then hiragana ひらがな.

hiragana ひらがな




Both sets of Characters have been deleloped put of written forms of kanji characters.Hiragana is used in daily writing while katakana was once often found in official documents and is now used in the writing of words and names from outside the country.
In fact, the Japanese have been importing and modifying foreign language throughout its history. In the old days it incorporated words from China.Then in the 15th and 16th centuries, when the Portuguese came to the Japan,Portuguese words were adopted into the language,which are still used in the languages today.

In modern times,many words used in Japan have come from English&French as well as other languages.After these expressions are adopted,they are written in katakana and spoken using Japanese pronunciation .

Take for example ‘cake’ which is pronouced keki
and written ケーキ. Coffee is pronouced kohi and written コーヒー. These imported words and expression are reffered to as gairaigo 外来語,which are incorporated into the Japanese languages and its grammatical framework.

Japanese is a fast-changing language with new vocabulary being adopted nearly everyday.Now, not only foreign words but also those coined by younger generations are contributing to the language’s transformation.